Summer Holiday Sales Promotion


The summer holiday is coming.
See what LAISIMO has prepared for you!


Part 1

Once wholesales price is more than 5,000 USD, you will get new mod samples!



 Part 2

Up to 50% off discount for promotional products!
Hot selling products such as
Laisimo Wyvern 235W,
Laisimo Defender 200W,
Laisimo L3 Touch Screen 200W,
Laosimo Wyvern(Chameleon Color Edition ) 235W,
Laisimo Gaish Speed Kit 50W
and etc. are on sale!

Some of their discounts are up to 50% off!Don’t miss you chance!

Part 3 

 You are able to get more than $30 coupon for next order!



Enjoy your summer holiday with vaping!

Come on!